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"Our three and six year old have been enrolled at SLV Swim Center for about six months now and we couldn't be happier.  We had our children enrolled in another swim school located closer to our house and were disappointed in their progress.  Our children learned more in their first two weeks of lessons at SLV Swim Center than the entire three months at the other swim school.  The instructors at SLV Swim Center are knowledgable and fun and my children enjoy every minute of their lesson.  They teach not only the important swimming techniques and strokes, but also go over breathing skills and water safety (skills not taught at the other swim school).  We have had to schedule a couple of make-up lessons this summer due to vacation and Donna (who taught me how to swim 25 years ago) has been very accommodating and easy to work with.  We plan on continuing lessons year round my kids enjoy it so much.  Highly recommended!"  

                                                               -Marie A



"My now 9 year old has been struggling with swimming for a long time even though I've had him in swim lessons since he was 6 months old. I brought him to SLV swim center and now he can do laps !! I am so happy with his progress and grateful to Donna and her team." 


                                                                   -Jhothi R



"I can't say enough good things about SLV Swim. My daughter was absolutely terrified of the water. She cried and screamed when we started. Yeah I had "that" kid. If she got splashed in the face she would freak out. She wore her swim belt (which they use for beginners) but would hold on to the teacher for dear life. I was almost ready to just give up and say my kid will swim when she is 30. This is our second year here. But we kept at it and now my kid has no belt, will jump in and get her face wet. She still won't do the slide but maybe by summer. I can't say enough about SLV Swim. I tell anyone who is considering swim that even if you live in Santa Cruz they are the best place ever. If you want a great swim place where your children will learn new things and thrive this is the place.


                                                               -H. G



"We have been going here for a couple summers now and both boys are now confident swimmers. The teachers are great, and pricing, I feel is well worth it. Donna is always just a phone call or a text away for scheduling and she works with whatever we have going on."


                                                                       -Elizabeth A

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