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Our Camps!!!

Exciting Camps provided by our team of experts.

Spring Break Camp April 1st-5th

In addition to
strengthening your
swimmer’s skills in the
water, this week long camp will consist of land and water
activities, safety skills, as
well as team building games!


$350 for half day

10am-1pm or 1-4pm

$480 for full day 10am-4pm 

Sibling and "sign up with a friend" discounts available. 

Pool Guard Camp!   

June 17th-21st, 10-3pm


  Join us for a splashing good time at our Pool Guard Swim Camp!

Perfect for ages 10-15, this camp is designed to be fun, engaging, and packed with valuable life guarding skills.

⏰ When: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
 Dates: June 17th-21st


 What to Expect:
- Learn Life Guarding Skills
- CPR & First Aid Training
- Stroke Improvement Techniques
- Water Rescue Drills
- Team Building Activities
- Land Games and Activities

Our experienced instructors will guide you through an exciting journey of swimming proficiency and water safety. Whether you're preparing for the swim team or just eager to enhance your skills, this camp is for YOU!

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today!!

Swim Camp-Mermaid/ Shark week


Camp is July 22nd-26th.

from 10am-3pm. 

$480 for the week 

Sibling and sign up with a friend discounts available!


At our Mermaid and Shark Summer Swim Camp, 

Kids will have the unique opportunity to explore the magical world of mermaids and sharks. 

Mermaid enthusiasts will learn the graceful art of mermaid swimming, complete with colorful tails and shimmering scales. They'll discover the secrets of underwater movement and imagination, with guided activities and games led by experienced mermaid instructors.

For those intrigued by the ocean's predators, our shark program offers a thrilling experience with games and activities!


Both mermaids and shark enthusiasts will come together for am immersive experience that promises to create lasting memories! 

D&D Camps

June 3rd- 7th 10am-1pm

July 15th- 19th 10am- 1pm


 We will guide your kids through a fictional world, giving them a structured yet open ended, immersive experience. By the end of the week your storytellers will have guided their heros through dangerous quests to seach for teasure, battle deadly foes and have carried out daring rescues. Limited only by your imagination. Get ready for an adventurous week! Camp includes a character sheet, 7 dIce and a dice bag to take home with you. 


$350 for each week

Discounts for siblings. "signing up with a friend" and multiple weeks available. 

Swim Camp-Harry Potter Week

This magical camp starts off with your kids recieving a hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail before camp!


It also includes: making their own wand, games of Quiddich, fighting off dementors in a Defense against the Dark Arts class, HP Board Games, HP specific arts and crafts, Potions class where you'll be able to take home at least 3 homemade potions, a trip to Honeydukes and MORE!!


Kiddos who came last year will be in their second year and be able to participate in their very own Year Two activities! 


$480 for the week

Includes their very own owl, (or a toad for Year Two's) golden snitch, and a chocolate frog to take home!!!


You're not going to want to miss this camp!! 

$480 for the week

June 10th-14th 10-3pm

D&D Club

Saturdays 10am-2pm

June 15th, 22nd, 29th

July 13th, 20th, 27th

August 10th, 17th, ad 24th


$270 for just the club

or if you are enrolled in a D&D camp, club is only an additional $100! 


Welcome to our Dungeons & Dragons club, where adventure awaits around every corner and imagination knows no bounds! Whether you're a seasoned dungeon master or a newcomer eager to embark on your first quest, our club provides a welcoming environment for all adventurers.

Join us as we delve into epic campaigns, embark on daring quests, hold character creation workshops, host one-shot adventures, and participate in epic battles against dragons, demons, and more.

With regular game sessions, creative storytelling, and a supportive community, our club is the perfect place to hone your role-playing skills and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Grab your dice and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime

Swim Camp - Fairy and Pirate Week

July 15th-19th

Monday-Friday 10am-3pm


Embark on an enchanting journey at our Fairy and Pirate Summer Swim Camp!


Set sail on a magical adventure where fairies, and pirates unite for a summer filled with fun and excitement.


Dive into our shimmering pools, where little swashbucklers can learn to navigate the waters like true pirates and graceful fairies can flutter and twirl.


Our experienced instructors will guide campers through a variety of aquatic activities, including treasure hunts, water ballet, and even wing and sword crafting.


With themed games, costumes, and plenty of imagination, every day is a new escapade at our Fairy and Pirate Summer Swim Camp!

Welcome aboard our Fairy and Pirate Summer Swim Camp, where each day is brimming with adventure and creativity! 

Swim Camp - Lego and Game week

July 29th-Aug 2nd

Monday-Friday 10am-3pm


Welcome to our Lego and Giant Board Games Week at Swim Camp!

Dive into a world of imagination and creativity as we combine the fun of swimming with the excitement of Legos and larger-than-life board games.

From boat races with Lego speedsters to swimming games based on classic board game pieces, every activity will be a splash of fun!
 Campers will also enjoy interactive workshops where they'll get to build Lego creations and participate in giant board game challenges. Imagine building towering Lego structures or strategizing in life-sized versions of games like Chess, Life, Candy Land, or Connect Four. 
Our experienced instructors will guide campers through the creative process, helping them develop teamwork skills, problem-solving abilities, and a love for both swimming and gaming.

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for a week of aquatic adventure, creativity, and endless fun, at our Lego & Giant Board Games

Swim Camp!

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