The Faces Behind the Business

                          SLV Swim Center is a family run business in Ben Lomond, C.A.


                 Donna Smith started the business from her home pool almost 40 years ago.

    Now her three children, Shyra, Tanya and Max run the business offering a variety of programs. 


                         We enjoy teaching all children and adults but our pool specializes

                              in teaching people who are scared of the water how to swim.

                      People come from far and wide to take our very personalized lessons. 


    Our facility is located outdoors among the redwood trees so we keep our water nice and warm,                                              it's fun to swim even on cold rainy days.


                                                  We care about sensitive skin!

        We have a unique U.V. sanitation system, which helps us keep our chlorine use minimal.


                        Over the years we have taught more then 200,000 swim lessons!! 


                                We look forward to meeting and working with you soon! 

Donna Smith

Owner and Founder

Donna started teaching swim lessons at her home pool almost 40 years ago, then it was called Donna's Swim School. In 1994 her and her husband bought the pool you now know as SLV Swim Center and expanded her business. Through the years she has taught thousands of kids in the valley how to swim while rasing her three kids. Now that her children run the majority of the business she is able to enjoy spending time with her grandchilden and make her handmade glass blown beads. You'll still see her at the pool checking up on things and taking photos for her photo walls!

Check em out the next time you're at the pool. 


Executive Director, Business Manager 

Swim Instructor, Event Planner, Camp Manager, Guard,

Aerobics teacher, Office Administrator.

Shyra grew up around the pool, and has been teaching swim lessons and nannying since she was 12. Going on 30 years now!!! 

She has a BS in Early Childhood Education, as well as her massage therapy, cosmetology and Zumba lisences, some might say she is a jack of many trades. She has three kids of her own who you will occasionally spot at the pool.

She loves working with all children but her favorite to teach are kids who are scared of the water.

Shyra and her husband (Nathan) have an Art and Film school for kids and they love donating their time to the drama program at local schools. They will be bringing some of their camps and classes to the pool this year! Nathan has an AS in Theater and a BS in Film Production. 


Swim Instructor

Water Aerobics Teacher

Tanya has also grown up around the pool. In high school she was on her schools' swim and water polo teams. She's worked with kids for many years and now has a cutie pie for herself! Tanya loves working with the babies at the pool as well as getting her sweat on with the water aerobic ladies. Tanya also is a Cosmetologist and has a hair salon on the pool property where she will hook you up with an amazing cut and color! 


Swim Team Coach

Camp Counselor, Property Manager, Pool Maintenence Specialist, Swim Instuctor

Max, like Shyra and Tanya, have grown up around the pool. He has a BS in Sociology and has taught lessons and swim team for many years. His passion lies in the advanced swimmer and perfecting their technique. He teaches our swim teams and works with adults who want to strengthen their swimming. Even though you might not always see him in the water, he is at the pool a lot performing much needed maintenence to keep the pool running smoothly. In his spare time he hangs with his nieces and nephew and is always starting new projects around his house. 


Swim Instructor

Jisela has been teaching swim lessons with us for five year now! Kiddos just love her gentle approach to teaching.

During the off season she attends Cabrillo College, nannies and loves working with kids!

In her spare time she likes to sing and head down to the beach. 


Swim Instuctor

BIO Coming Soon


Swim Instructor

Leila is attending college and will be back this summer for her fourth year teaching at the pool!!

She has always loved the water!

She learned to swim at SLV Swim Center and continued to swim and play water polo throughout high school.

She loves teaching kids to love the water and she's excited to be back this year! 


Swim Instructor

This is Noel's third summer teaching at SLV Swim Center, the pool where she learned how to swim!

She attends UC Davis where she studies History and Art, with plans of becomming a teacher.

She spends much of her free time working with 1st and 9th graders in Davis public schools. 


Swim Instructor

Mariah is Donna's niece who like, Shyra, Tanya and Max, grew up around the pool working with kids and nannying over the years.

She has taught lessons for over 10 years now!

She works with all ages but,

loves to experience the progression of the littleones!

During the off season she attends Cabrillo College with the goal of becomming a social worker one day. 

She has an adorable three year old who you might see swimming in the pool this year!


Swim Instructor / Camp Counselor



Swim Instructor Aide

Tommy graduated Scotts Valley High school this year

and is Shyra's son.

He has grown up around children, has two younger sisters and a niece and nephew who he babysits often.

He also works in the childcare center at Toadal Fitness. 

This will be his third year working at the pool.

He is wonderful with children, whether it's playing any board game they want, (including chess), coloring, or just running around, your kids will be begging to have Tommy be your babysitter!

And at 6'5" he loves to show kids some moves

on the basketball court!

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