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Swim Lessons

Our lessons and style of teaching focus on water safety, proper breathing, and having fun. We have classes ranging from baby classes to competitive training. You must pre schedule by contacting us to join the class that's right for you.

All our classes are 1/2hr long.

Group Lessons are cúrrently on hold.

We have three students per instructor in our group lessons. Each lesson is a half an hour long. We schedule the students together based on skill and age.


with a small group, we can accommodate your child's  swimming needs.

iwe talk and get to know more about the student, their needs, and your schedule. We do our best to group you in the class that is the best fit for the swimmer so you always get a great class.


For 2022

we are scheduling private or semi private classes,(you supply the pair), with covid ,This is how we  sheduled Classes  last year and it  was very successful.

 Contact us now!          

Phone: Call or Text (831)278-0139       

we prefer texting or calls.

Private Lessons

Privates may be right for you if:


You are over 16, all adults (16+) must take a private or semi-private. From no or low ability to racing we can help. Fix your breathing so you can swim with little fatigue or shave off your race time. 

You have a fear or feel un-safe around water, everyone should swim no matter what the age. If you or anyone doesn't swim because of fear I want to help.  We take it slow. We do it right. Come talk to us and have no fear. 

The "group class" format didn't work, in a private class  you get to have full control of  what to learn and you don't have to worry about other students wasting time.

You only want two people in the class, a lot of pairs learn to swim together with a Semi-Private class they can avoid the interruption of others joining their class.


 Contact us now!          

Phone: Call or Text (831)278-0139       

How We Teach

We do it right, never creating fears or bad habits and always being safe. The program started in Donna's back yard and for more than 35 years the family run program has made it's reputation. We have students come from Watsonville to Oakland for our hands on experience, dedication, and beautiful facility.

From day one we focus on breathing, we start with crawl stroke and backstroke then learn the whip kick and the breaststroke. The scissorkick and sidestroke along with the dolphin kick and the butterfly are taught last. 

From the first day we also start jumping in. Then we learn the knee dive, deep dive, and the racing dive also with them the surface dive and the flip turn, along with all the fun jumps.

 Contact us now!          Phone: Call or Text (831)278-0139         

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