Swim Lessons

Our lessons focus on water safety, proper breathing, and having fun!

We have classes range from pre beginner 6 month olds to competitive training. 

We know that children are in a variety of activities so we try our best to schedule classes according to your schedule! 


Private and Small Group Classes!

               All of our classes are 30 minutes long. 

     25 minutes of instuction and 5 minutess of play time.


       We schedule classes Monday through Thursday and                        Saturdays between 9am and 7pm. 


   You pick how many days a week you would like to come! 

                                  Once a week 

                                 Twice a week  

                               Four times a week 


 ***All classes are pre-paid and your booking is not final     until payment is recieved. 


 - If you miss a private class, we unfortunately cannot offer you a private make up for the missed class. We try our best to get you a make up class in a group class. That said, make ups are not guarenteed. 


 - Make ups are not offered for group classes.

Parent and Me Classes

                       PARENT and ME

    Our baby/toddler classes are taught by Tanya! 

                        Ages 6-24 months.

              Classes are Tuesday, Thursday

                   and Saturday mornings. 

     Call or text Tanya to schedule @831-359-9660


              These classes are large group classes.

   *If you have your own group who you would like

         to sign up then we can schedule you for a

                   class time of your choosing.

                         (4 baby minimum) 

Adult Classes


   We work with lots of adults who want to be better             swimmers or who have a fear of water.

   If that's you, then you're in the right place!

   Everyone should learn how to swim no matter what their age and we want to help! 

                   We take it slow. We do it right.

               Come talk to us and have no fear. 


Contact us now!

Phone: Call or Text (831) 278-0139

Our Philosophy

Our number one goal is safety, followed by having fun and creating a lifetime love of water! We feel pushing kids past their comfort level creates fear of the water, which we want to avoid. 


We schedule mostly privates so we can have a personal and hands on experience. We are dedicated and care about the progress of each and every child that comes to our facility. 


From day one we focus on breathing and safety. We are a part of the National Drowning Prevention Association and we feel very strongly that drownings are extremely preventable. 

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